Montag 21.05.2018
Only Swiss Show

The Jesus And Mary Chain SCO

©Steve Gullick

Samstag 19.05.2018
House To Techno - Finest Electronic Dance Music

Gute Nacht 

Job Sifre NL - Knekelhuis

Parrish Smith NL - L.I.E,S./Knekelhuis

Cosmic Sid + Oase + OneFootStep CH - Studio 1156/Kik Bar

Freitag 18.05.2018
Swiss Sound Expedition

Rösti Fest #6 

None Of Them Tsüri

The Doorknobs Fribourg

Fomies Vaud

Brassmaster Flash Luzern

HIV Fribourg

Donnerstag 17.05.2018
Jolie Maison, La Red et UNA présentent:

Jolie Soirée 

Radio Red and Co 

Uhuru Sound Resistance 

Mittwoch 16.05.2018
Indie Rockotronica

Yo La Tengo US

Samstag 12.05.2018
The Baddest Bass in Town

Upgrade #36 

End.User US - Sonicterror

PandA CH - Back2Noize

Flax CH - Struggle

Sylek & Sad Bill CH - Neurocide

Hosted by MC Stone UK/CH - Neurocide

Freitag 11.05.2018
Spring Edition - Let The Good Times Roll

The Legendary Rollerdisco 

Ramso ch - vinylculture

Dj Red Eye Flight ch

Sonntag 06.05.2018
Das Tanz Fest | Hip-Hop Dance Battle

Swiss Battle Tour: Finale 

TPA Juge Hip Hop

Nelson Ewande Juge Popping

BBOY Junior Juge B-Boy

Samstag 05.05.2018
Das Tanz Fest | Mythical Video Clips, All Style Vibes

Choréoké & Dreamparty 

Dj Jovachrist 

Cie Anivas 

Freitag 04.05.2018
Aferparty of Madchild

Hip Hop Afterparty