Freitag 23.10.2020
Do You Speak Intersectionality? | en Collaboration avec Genre Nocturne

ABGESAGT | Safe Space 

Genre Nocturne feat. ZAGAZA CH

Samstag 17.10.2020
Finest Drum & Bass in Town | Presented by Octagon & Neurocide


GEST UK - Shogun

Jungle Josy CH - Lower Frequencies

Eroxy CH - Octagon

MindWalker CH - Octagon

Samstag 10.10.2020

Nebula Collectiv Anniversary! 

Charly b2b Atone b2b At'Kims CH - Nebula Collectiv

Hermeth CH - Brainwaves

Los Pashminas CH - Vighil + Oase

Freitag 09.10.2020

Le Flux Fribourg

Bekar FR

After by DJ Ngami 

Le Flux

Donnerstag 08.10.2020
Folk-Rock, Crooner, Blues, Rumpelorchestra

Pierre Omer & The Nightcruisers CH

© Stéphane Roisin

Samstag 03.10.2020
Hip-Hop Golden Age | 1990-201?


Kai Jin x Viet Lee 

Special Guest: Ronfa 

Special Guest: WannisLove 

Freitag 02.10.2020
Post-Rock, Ambient | Catch-Up Album Release Show

Hubris. SOLD-OUT

Closet Disco Queen CH


Dienstag 29.09.2020
Hip-Hop, Trap, Rap

Back To School: Back To Floors 

Kay Rubenz 

Bobby T & Muga Bo 

Sonntag 27.09.2020
Take The Dance Back To The Clubs

Dancer’s Sunday Club 

Dj Ngami 

Madame Gouze 

Madame Xango 

Big Gina 

Samstag 26.09.2020
5 Ans Mille Sept Sans | Musiques Éclectiques du Futur

The Future Is Maintenant. By Mille Sept Sans 

481 QAF Fribourg

GENRE Nocturne Fribourg

Los Pashminas Fribourg

Shady Fribourg