Samstag 26.05.2012
Tech House vs. Hip Hop on 2 floors

End of Season Party 

MikIX The Cat (FR) 

West D 


Buebo & Alyoba 

DJ Link 

DJ Skoob 

VJ O-Fish 

Freitag 25.05.2012
Dubstep & Bass Music

Next step 

Unknown Identity (Dubsludge) 

Big MD (X-Amount) 

Les Tourneurs de Disks 

Samgratte (Unreleased Kollektiv) 

Mr. Pigman (Tomorrow Is Today Collective) 

Vj Franz Karl 

Donnerstag 24.05.2012

Ital Cuts #9 

The Sofa Brothers Sound System 

Lowanka Selekta & Sir T One 

Sonntag 20.05.2012
from Saddle Creek Records

Cursive (US) 

We Loyal (CH) 

Samstag 19.05.2012
Swiss Rock a lot better!

Chateau Rösti 

Love & Girls (CH) 

Widdershins (CH) 

The Jamborines (CH) 

Freitag 18.05.2012
electro at its best

Everest Records Labelnight 

Copy&Paste | Live (CH) 

Alphatronic | Live (CH) 

Meienberg | Live (CH) 

with Everest on TT & Le Copain Pale 

& Analog Visulas Labor 

Donnerstag 17.05.2012
Amène ta raquette, on a les boules!

Ping Pong #22 

Top Spin DJ's 

Samstag 12.05.2012
La Fête de la Danse präsentiert

Silent Party 

Official Silent NM Dj Crew 

& Guests 

Freitag 11.05.2012
Rooms filled with light

Fanfarlo (UK) 

free aftershow with DJ Nenuphar is what we are 

Donnerstag 10.05.2012
Neues Album "Göteborg"

Züri West (CH) 

free aftershow with The Velvet Gloves & Billy Moretti