Samstag 29.09.2012
bloc party

The Realness 

DJ Eagle 

DJ Blaster B 

DJ Kristo 

DJ Funkbastard 

Freitag 28.09.2012
Two Gentlemen à Trois

Raphelson (CH) 

Fauve (CH) 

Nick Porsche (CH) 

Donnerstag 27.09.2012

Fribourg Calling 

Ceio Yoy DJ's 

beer 2.- till 23h 

Samstag 22.09.2012
swiss rock a lot better

Chateau Rösti 

Hathors (CH) 

Feuerzeug (CH) 

The E's (CH) 

& free aftershow 

Freitag 21.09.2012
album vernissage

oh my f*cking god! 

Emerald (CH) 

Gonoreas (CH) 

Shadowsfear (CH) 

DJ I.N.I. 

Donnerstag 20.09.2012
hammer time - soul to electro

Patate Douce 

Abasazi Team & Special Guest 

DJ Apollinaire 


beer 2.- till 23h 

Mittwoch 19.09.2012
we love electro-pop

We Have Band (UK) 

Lemonade (US) 

Sonntag 16.09.2012
debut album "Hither Thighter"

O Emperor (IE) 

4th Time Around (CH) 

Samstag 15.09.2012
the vital night vs. ultimate darktek

Sound of Tek 

Greg Notill (FR) 

Aeon (FR) 

Dark Trak vs State Wave 411 (CH) 

Pascal Roder (FR) 

Rule (FR) 

Karl Tonschänder (CH) 

Nico_B (CH) 

Freitag 14.09.2012
dubstep & bass music

Next Step 

DBridge (UK) 

Broods (CH) 

VJ Franz Karl