Montag 26.11.2012
Thrash & Deathmetal

Kreator (DE) 

Morbid Angel (US) 

Nile (US) 

Fueled by Fire (US) 

Samstag 24.11.2012
minimal to techno

The Vital Night 

Mike Wall (DE) 

D-Andy & T-Rony 

La Vitamina 

Pierre de la Terrail & Giuseppe Torelli (CH) 

Visulals by Sophie Le Meillour 

Freitag 23.11.2012
swiss rock a lot better

Chateau Rösti 

Judy Birdland (CH) 

The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company (CH) 

Books on Shelves (CH) 

Donnerstag 22.11.2012
nastrovje! Russendisko

Disko Kasatschok 

Los Makos 

& Guests 

Mittwoch 21.11.2012

Mark Kozelek (US) 


Samstag 17.11.2012

Xiu Xiu (US) 

Les Yeux sans Visage (CH) 

Freitag 16.11.2012
all night long – from disco to deep house

The Wiggle Mama Show 

Crowdpleaser (Turbo recordings) 

Donnerstag 15.11.2012
sound of the 50's & 60's

Retro Disco 

Tu et Moi 

Mittwoch 14.11.2012
The Golden Age

Woodkid (FR) 

Feldermelder (CH) 

Dienstag 13.11.2012

Flying Lotus (US)