Sonntag 13.11.2016
Tasty Design & Flea Market

Arty Skully & The Puces 


Backstage Brunch 

Samstag 12.11.2016
The Baddest Bass in Town

Upgrade #30 

SKYNET UK MethLab Recordings

Physicalz CH Beatalistics Rec

Mindfunk CH Otherground

Sylek CH Neurocide

Elgrin CH Neurocide

Hosted by MC Stone Neurocide

Franz Karl Visual

Freitag 11.11.2016
Carnaval Kick Off

Schlager à Boguet mit die Hubert's 

Les Hubert's on Tour hors de l'Auge 

Donnerstag 10.11.2016
Hip Hop in the Best Format

Tape Deck Vol.11 

Kool Kut Luke 



Montag 07.11.2016
Loud, Hard & Dirty

Bullet For My Valentine UK

Killswitch Engage US

Cane Hill US

Samstag 05.11.2016
Hip Hop, New Beats, Excluive Dope

What A Big Mess 

Ryf x Ronfa 

Samstag 05.11.2016
Grime, Electro, Rap - new album YOUTH

NEW DATE : 31.03.2017 

Tinie Tempah UK

©Dan Medhurst

Freitag 04.11.2016
No Lights. No VJ. Just Techno

Deep Black 

Askemwhy & Septentrio 


Otis Ango 

Donnerstag 03.11.2016
Afro-House & Afro-Tech

Unimix Party: 


Charly & At'Kims 

Lucas Monème