Freitag 12.11.2021
Pop, Chanson

Gjon’s Tears & The Weeping Willows CH

Maud Paquis CH

(C) Jean-Marc Guelat

Samstag 06.11.2021
Hip-Hop Golden Age | 1990-201?


Kai Jin x Viet Lee 


Special Guest: Ronfa 

Sonntag 31.10.2021
Mille Sept Sans präsentiert:

La Nuit des Sorcières 

Genre Nocturne 


Noria Lilt 

Samstag 30.10.2021
Post-Punk, Punk Hédoniste

Serpent FR

GoGo Talco CH

House Exit Afterparty

Donnerstag 28.10.2021
Semidark Alternative Electro-Pop


Giulia Dabalà CH


Samstag 23.10.2021
Metal, Hardcore, Punk-Rock

High Voltage Night 

Among Vultures CH

Athlete CH

Ruined CH

Code of Conduct CH

Freitag 22.10.2021
Techno. Trance. Dark-Techno. Hard Dance. Acide Core. Breaks.

Nebula Anniversary 

Jelena (Adroit)

Charly b2b Atone b2b At'Kims (Nebula Collectiv)

Rōse (Fluctuat Records)

Los Pashminas (Vigil + Oase)

Samstag 16.10.2021
Sound Synthesis, Live Electronics, Bass

Artist’s Choice – Curated by Bit-Tuner 

Bit-Tuner CH

Pyrit CH

Belia Winnewisser CH

Freitag 15.10.2021
The Big Final Show - Le son du Röstigraben burning

La Gustav: Final Show 

Samstag 09.10.2021
Ablette Records, der neue Plattenladen und Chillroom

Opening Ablette Records Shop