Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013
chicago to acid house




VJ Lisa Laser 

 ----- r3r3 -----

Born in the Switzerland during cold winter of 79', he was a kid with a vivid imagination, creating his own imaginary worlds. Soon he developed an interest in sciences, sciences-fiction, interstellar space soap stories, advanced technologies and computers. As the result, in the early nineties, he became acquainted with electronic music and has been rocked by the sounds of house, hard-house, techno and detroit and started passionately buying records, bought a pair of mkII's in mid nineties and has been dj-ing ever since. Nowadays he’s mostly into electro, electro funk, electro disco, science electro, detroit, accessorily italo-disco, chicago and some related styles.
----- LVXII -----
Nobody exactly knows who's this bastard from Switzerland... DJ mix from atmospheric euro-horror soundtrack to dark industrial and minimal electro-funk to melancholic new wave electronic italo discodark to ebm and decadence minimal darkwave synth-pop to jackin acid chicago house ghetto to deep detroit acid house and uncompromising underground techno... Enough said, enjoy the mix