Samstag, 15. September 2018
The baddest bass in town!

Upgrade #37 


Kezeg & Meta2 CH | Pencil Crew

SubVibz & Qualle CH | Drum Army

Sylek & D.M.A CH | Neurocide - Octagon

Hosted by MC Stone UK | Neurocide

Visuals by Aesthesy 

15.- | 10.- Before 23h
DE -
UPGRADE wurde 2009 durch das Kollektiv Neurocide gegründet mit dem Ziel, die Bobine des Fri-Son regelmässig mit den den bösesten Bässen des Universums (mindestens) zu füllen; von Drum’n’Bass über UK Bass bis Crossbread - Upgrade bringt die besten nationalen und internationalen Underground-Stars und Newcomer nach Fribourg.

EN -
UPGRADE is Fri-Son’s preeminent Drum & Bass event that has been tearing up the venue, since its inception by the Neurocide collective. Having hosted world renowned artists and given fresh talent their first bookings in Switzerland, the event has its name on the map, smack bang in the middle of Fribourg! So if you’re looking for the baddest bass in town, you’ve found it! Join us every two months for your dosage of mad beats, insane basslines and all out mayhem!