Samstag 08.09.2018
35 Years Building Up The Future

Season Opening Party - 'till 5 am! 

Samstag 15.09.2018
The baddest bass in town!

Upgrade #37 


Kezeg & Meta2 CH | Pencil Crew

SubVibz & Qualle CH | Drum Army

Sylek & D.M.A CH | Neurocide - Octagon

Hosted by MC Stone UK | Neurocide

Visuals by Aesthesy 

Samstag 22.09.2018
Oh My F*cking God! presents:

Darius Freiburg

Unfold Yverdon

The Crotals Lausanne


Freitag 28.09.2018

30 Jahre RadioFr. Fribourg | Freiburg 

Veronica Fusaro CH

Stevans CH

After by Goton Le Cool 

Samstag 29.09.2018
Live: Roots Reggae

Twinkle Brothers UK

Dub Arena | After Roots, Dub & Steppa: 

Nomadix UK

Sound Goku CH

Redubtion Sound System CH

Caribbean Thing | After Reggae Dancehall: 

Little Lion Sound CH

Boom Sound CH

Freitag 12.10.2018
The Final Show

Gustav Academy'18 

Donnerstag 18.10.2018
New Album "The Horizon Just Laughed"

Damien Jurado US

© Lindsay Barnes

Freitag 19.10.2018
Past, Present & Future Hip Hop

Patate Douce 

Patate Douce Family 

Mittwoch 14.11.2018
Hell Over Europe 2

Aborted BE

Cryptopsy CA

Benighted FR

Cytotoxin DE

Freitag 23.11.2018
Only Swiss Show

Odezenne FR

Moussa FR