Samstag 11.07.2020
Re ! Das Festival der Verlorenen Festivals

From Fribourg Mit Amour 

Sacha Love Fribourg

Pony del Sol Fribourg

Your Fault Fribourg

Sacha Love

Donnerstag 10.09.2020
In Zusammenarbeit mit FIFF

Ciné-Concert w/ Emilie Zoé & Christian G. Gaucher 

Pigeons - soundtrack for the birds on the treetops watching the movie of our lives 

Freitag 02.10.2020
Post-Rock, Ambient | Catch Up-Album Release Show

Hubris. CH

Cold Reading CH


Donnerstag 08.10.2020
Folk-Rock, Crooner, Blues, Rumpelorchestra

Pierre Omer & The Nightcruisers CH

© Stéphane Roisin

Freitag 09.10.2020
Hip-Hop, Rap, New Beats | Album Release Show

Le Flux Fribourg

Arma Jackson Lausanne

Le Flux

Dienstag 13.10.2020

Arno BE

Sonntag 18.10.2020
Rockabilly, Rock'n'Roll

The Baseballs DE

© Pour Toi Photographie

Donnerstag 12.11.2020
Semidark Alternative Electro-Pop



Samstag 28.11.2020
Artist's Choice - Curated by Bit-Tuner | Sound Synthesis, Live Electronics, Bass

Bit-Tuner CH

Pyrit CH

Belia Winnewisser CH


Freitag 18.12.2020
Artist’s Choice – Curated by Egopusher | Electro, Jazztronica, Neo-Classic

Egopusher CH

E&A Rüeger - Tricycle Riders CH

Sara Oswald & Feldermelder CH

© Simon Habegger