Jeudi, 15. Décembre 2016


Uh uh.. Happy News From The Future!

On se réjouit riiiiiiesig! Tickets will be on sale soon!

Friday 17th of February - House / Techno

Cosmin TRG - 50Weapons / Fizic (DE)
Man Power / Me Me Me - Correspondant (MX)
Ital - Planet Mu (OFFICIAL) / Lovers Rock (US)
Andrew  - Huntleys + Palmers / Highlife (UK)
Mallone - Ellora (DE)
Daniele Cosmo - Lux Rec (CH)
Psycho Weazel - À table (CH)
Cosmic Sid - Studio 1157 (CH)
Herkul - Denial Audio (CH)
Visuals by FranzKarl and VitamineJ

Saturday 18th of February - UK Bass

PHACE - Neosignal (DE)
Reso - Hospital Records (UK)
Fixate - Exit Records UK UK (UK)
Swindle - Butterz (UK)
EGOLESS (LIVE) - ZamZam Sounds (SRB)
Guyus - DubExMachina (CH)
Lemonick - RBMA / Kartel Klub (CH)
Askemwhy - Epilog Legend Series (CH)
MonNsta & Ray Tracer - Xenocracy (CH)
Zeela (CH)
MC Stone - Neurocide Records (CH)
Visuals by FranzKarl and Lisa Laser