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Samedi 20.12.2014 | doors 22h | 10.-

once you go TRAP, you'll never go back!



Charlie Traplin (uk - all trap music)

Sound of neptune (Citadelle records)

Title image of event once you go TRAP, you'll never go back! on 2014-12-20

Charlie Traplin
Uniting his love of Hip Hop, electronica, metal and psychedelia, Brighton local Charlie Traplin has been pushing British electronic music into new realms of residence with his unique take on dance music moulding. Growing up playing drums he has forged hard-hitting tracks such as “Damn” and “Puff with the Phillys” which show case the young producers acute awareness of beats and melodies that get pe...ople moving.

Tribal in nature, his rhythms punctuate solid groove inspired productions and songs. Whilst working with motifs inspired by a multitude of areas, Charlie has developed intricate and infectious writing, laced with enthused energy.

Charlie’s penchant for creating imaginative and distinct DJ sets, has allowed him to play a series of shows across UK and Europe this summer including the Antwerp Open Air festival, AllTrapMusic’s Parties and Cream Collective's infamous shows around the country.

Sound of Neptune
Jeune artiste suisse de 21 ans et amateur de musique électronique et de hip-hop, Sound Of Neptune est un musicien aux multiples facettes : beatmaker, dj et producteur sur plusieurs EPs hip-hop.  

Mercredi 24.12.2014 | doors 22h | free

the legendary


Emilie Nana (compost records, raoul records)

Eliseo Green (Silencio)

Muddy Monk



Title image of event the legendary on 2014-12-24

Jeudi 25.12.2014 | doors 22h | free

Jesus ! Let's party !


DJ Kassette

Frank Le Tank


Title image of event Jesus ! Let's party ! on 2014-12-25