Freitag 18.12.2015

Sophie Hunger CH

Samstag 30.01.2016

The Residents US

Mittwoch 10.02.2016

Behemoth PL

Freitag 19.02.2016

Patent Ochsner CH

Dienstag 23.02.2016

Blues Pills SE


Samstag 14.11.2015

Fink stage times

Donnerstag 05.11.2015


Donnerstag 22.10.2015

Informationen - 24.10.2015 Wake-Up Call


Donnerstag 26.11.2015
Hip-Hop, Trap | Join the Dark Side

Unimix Party : The Joker's invitation 

FlexFab Feelin'music

Bronson Diffikult

Freitag 27.11.2015
Metal, Album Release Shows

Oh my F*cking God! 

Promethee Genève, LifeForce Records - Vernissage

Insanity Luzern

Oregon Trail Neuchâtel - Vernissage

Free Aftershow 

Samstag 28.11.2015
Drum'n'Bass & Bass Music

Next Step 

Clarity UK Exit, Samurai Music, 31 Records

LCP & Cutkachi CH re:st

Sonntag 29.11.2015
Tasty Design & Flea Market

Arty Skully & The Puces 

Design- und Flohmarkt 

Backstage Brunch 

Donnerstag 03.12.2015
The finest Vodka Party !! Gypsysound, Russendisko, Katjushka beats, Balkan Brass

Disko Kasatchok 

Balaton Soundsystem Los Makos

Freitag 04.12.2015
Italo to Techno, what a space travel ?

Kik Bar 

Daniele Cosmo Zürich | Lux Rec

Mr Softy b2b OneFootStep 

Samstag 05.12.2015
cinema reggae afterparty

Ital Cuts 

Astrolab meets Sir T One 

Samstag 05.12.2015
Fri-Son fait son cinéma présente :

The Harder They Come 

de Perry Henzel, feat. Jimmy Cliff 

(JAM, 1972, 103', VOST) 

Aftershow : Astrolab meets Sir T One 

Montag 07.12.2015
Disco, House Techno

Santa & Klaus 

Paul Poulson DE

Krizzli Kartel Club

Donnerstag 10.12.2015
Hip Hop in the best format

Tape Deck Vol. 7 

Funk Bastard 


Freitag 11.12.2015
The Baddest Bass in Town !


Posij NL | Division

Nasjo & Engineer Subvercity

Sylek Neurocide

Elgrin Neurocide

MC Stone Neurocide

Entro.pi Visuals

Samstag 12.12.2015
Soul-Funk to Boogie-Disco old school & co

Let me Ride 

Djs MB & Yogy 

Donnerstag 17.12.2015
Studio 1157 invites Hot Jam | Disco, House, Techno

Session #1 

Matto Bärn | Hot Jam, Lay Up

Artmaillé Fribourg, Genève | Studio 1157, ACE

Bassina B2B Cosmic Sid Fribourg | Studio 1157

Freitag 18.12.2015
supermoon tour

Sophie Hunger CH

Jesse Mac Cormack CA

aftershow : Trottles of the Dead 

© Marikel Lahana

Samstag 19.12.2015
"If you don't know, you will know !" Past, Present & Future Hip Hop

Patate Douce 

Apollinaire, Mugabo & Family 

Very Special Guest