Samstag 08.06.2019
10 Years of Drum & Bass - The Baddest Bass In Town

Upgrade #40 - The Final Chapter 


Lay D  FR - We Love Drum'n'Bass

Mindfunk  CH - Octagon

Sylek  CH - Neurocide

Mindwalker  CH - Octagon

Elgrin  CH - Neurocide

Hosted by MC Stone 

Visuals by Aesthesy 

Donnerstag 13.06.2019
Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Shizzle

From Urban To Funk 

A night with Goton le Cool & Bobby T 

Samstag 15.06.2019
Post-Barbecue Party | Jungle Bells: House to Goa

End of Season Party 


Marc de la Haye 



Freitag 04.10.2019
Indie-Rock, Power-Pop, Breezy-Folk

Bastian Baker CH

© Emilie Mauger

Mittwoch 09.10.2019
Electronic Music, Ambient

The Album Leaf  US

Samstag 19.10.2019
Punk-Techno Berlin Style


© Theo Mercier

Mittwoch 23.10.2019
Post-Punk, Punk-Rock

New Model Army UK

Freitag 25.10.2019
Independent Love Circle, Cinematic Manc-Pop

The Slow Show  UK

The Slow Show

Samstag 02.11.2019
Retrowave, Synthpop, Interstellar 80s Synthwave

The Midnight  US

Samstag 09.11.2019
Heavy Metal Parodique, Grindcore, Deathgrind

Ultra Vomit  FR

Promethee CH

Ultra Vomit