Freitag 13.12.2019
Only Swiss Show! Ragga Punk Metal

Skindred UK

Blood Command NO


Samstag 14.12.2019
No VJ. No Light. Just Bass. | UK Techno, Bass Music

Deep Black 

K-lone b2b Facta UK | Wisdom teeth, Wych

COS CH | City Trance, Studio Mondial

Septentrio b2b Askemwhy CH | Deep Black

Donnerstag 19.12.2019
Experience The Hidden Dimensions | Ethno House, Deep House

TAU w/ Milo Häfliger 

Milo Häfliger CH - Sparklers Tribe | Zero

Marc de la Haye CH - Wild Silence | Gute Nacht

Najesh & Artišoko CH

Freitag 20.12.2019
Coming Back Home! - Industrial Rock, Experimental Rock

The Young Gods  CH

Camilla Sparksss CA/CH

Dienstag 24.12.2019
Fête de Famille

X-Mas Party 

DJ Burka'lter Gym-Tonic Record

Ivory A Ivy 

ConanLeGrosBarbare Trap Château Ent.

Madame Xangò Vi_Rage

DJ Afreekaya 

Sainte Harare Studio 1157

Mittwoch 25.12.2019
Noël's Schönste GDB


La Pause 

Androo Music From Memory | Poly Dance

DJ May Linguines

Freitag 27.12.2019
Fribourg Sound Expedition | 100% Fribourg

Rösti Fest #11 - Christmas Edition 

Baron.e Fribourg

Francis Eggs Fribourg

Shuttle Fribourg

777christos Fribourg

Apéritif Fribourg

© Malaïka Schürch

Dienstag 11.02.2020
Only Swiss Show! Progressive Metal, Cinematic Art-Pop-Metal

Leprous NO


Samstag 15.02.2020

Editors UK