Dienstag 01.11.2022
Indie Rock

The Notwist DE

Pina Palau (CH) 

Freitag 04.11.2022
Heavy Electronic Music, Hardcore, Nightmare, Ultraspeedcore

XENO - Heavy Electronic Music Night hosted by MAXI-MAXI & curated by VIBRISSE 

Fifibiza  CH

whiterose FR

Bladeblanc IT

Nahshi IT


Samstag 05.11.2022
Hip-Hop, R'n'B, Rap US, Rap FR, Dancehall


Kay Jay CH

Viet Lee CH

Wannis Love CH

Ngoc Lan CH

Freitag 11.11.2022
Kalifornischer Reggae Jazz

Groundation US

Warmup & Afterparty by Redubtion & Sound Goku with Djiman (La Souche) 

Samstag 12.11.2022
Art pop, Indie Folk, Indie Rock, Pop-Punk

Ezra Furman US

The Golden Dregs UK

Afterparty: IN/DIE DISCO w/ DJs Snacky Baba & Hangry Marshall 

Freitag 18.11.2022 to Samstag 19.11.2022
Discover and support the Swiss music scene !

Music Marathon 2022 

Montag 21.11.2022
Neo-Psychedelia, Freak Folk, New Weird America, Electronica

Animal Collective US

Odd Beholder  CH

Mittwoch 23.11.2022
Hardcore Punk, Noise, Grunge, Post-Punk




Freitag 02.12.2022
Jazz, Rock, Noise

Terrapon Gillioz Pernet Trio CH

Manuel Troller  CH

En collaboration avec La Spirale 

Dienstag 06.12.2022
Deathcore, Death Metal

ABGESAGT - Thy Art Is Murder AU