Samstag 26.10.2019
Psychedelic, Psych-Rock, Alternativ-Retro

Dirty Sound Magnet CH

Album Release Show! 

Dirty Sound Magnet

Samstag 02.11.2019
Retrowave, Synthpop, Interstellar 80s Synthwave

The Midnight  US

Freitag 22.11.2019
Hip-Hop, Rap

L'Or du Commun  BE

L'Or du Commun

Samstag 23.11.2019
DIY. Guitars. Noise. Melodies.

Hummus Fest 

Donnerstag 05.12.2019
Minimalist Electro-Folk, Pop-Blues

Sophie Hunger CH

Sophie Hunger

Freitag 06.12.2019
Heavy Metal Parodique, Grindcore, Deathgrind

Ultra Vomit  FR

Promethee CH

Ultra Vomit

Freitag 20.12.2019
Coming Back Home! - Industrial Rock, Experimental Rock

The Young Gods  CH